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The Lake of Dreams......

" Lead me to the Lake of dreams............"

Dreams from time immemorial has been an integral part of our" existence "as well as could be the gateway for defining our "existence"...........
"Dreams"......well what is dream.....?????

-----according to Wikipedia meaning....:
A dream is the experience of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep. It occurs in humans, most mammals, and some birds. [1] The events of dreams are often impossible or unlikely to occur in physical reality, and are usually outside the control of the dreamer. The exception is lucid dreaming, in which dreamers realize that they are dreaming, and are sometimes capable of changing their oneiric reality and controlling various aspects of the dream, in which the suspension of disbelief is often broken.[2] Dreamers may experience strong emotions while dreaming. Frightening or upsetting dreams are referred to as nightmares.

for more reading....click on "Dreams".
"Excerpts from the symbolism of lake of dreams...."

ESSAY : What is the symbolic meaning of lakes in dreams?

Sometimes its best to start off at the basics. Land in dreams features the facts and realities of our life. Lakes are made up of water which symbolizes the feelings within us which (like water)constantly move and flow. So lakes then may represent some issue which you have a little intuitive feeling about.

for more reading just click on here......"lake of dreams"

what they say about dreams....

Viennese Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud first developed the theory about the role of the unconscious on the individual.

Freud believed the dream worked on two levels. A straightforward level showed events in dreams as remembered. However in the latent level objects and actions in the dreams symbolize sexual and aggressive feelings and ideas that are repressed.

So in dreams it protects the sleeper from the effects of a realization of these wishes. The dream taps into the desire for wish fulfillment when the controlling ego is relaxed during sleep.

Freud wrote "All dreams are in a sense dreams of convenience, they help to prolong sleep instead of waking up. Dreams are the guardians of sleep and not its disturbers."


Carl Jung believed a dreams content uses symbolic language. He proposed that a dream expresses collective racial unconscious memories and instincts shared by all people.

These are basic ideas that are themselves symbols. These include the hero, monster, mother, father, mandala, sacrifice and the mask.

Dreams also indicate the way to self actualization. Jungian therapy in fact deals extensively with dreams and fantasies."

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Well "the lake of dreams" is dedicated to our "Gang"...the Gang of the Dreamers........Zaza,Kyrie,Goddess ,Ranjan,Sathya and Vinay...........:)

and also to all You dreamers............

and also dedicated to ITKUPILLI whose digital collages are dreamy too......
Itkupilli's blog:

and also to Ana Banana whose paintings works also mesmerize me.....
Ana Banana's blog:


At 2:42 pm, Blogger Zuri said...

Há muito não visitava seus trabalhos e fiquei maravilhado com oquê ví por aqui.
Parabéns, eles são assombrosos

At 6:19 pm, Blogger Melpomene said...

Cosmic, it is just so beautiful, I have no words to describe it. Surreal in the most wonderful sense of the word! It makes me just want to go to sleep and start dreaming....... :D

At 8:14 pm, Blogger steve said...

You can never deny the importance and impact of dreams--how they influence us, our lives, art, and even music (or how our lives, art and music influences our dreams). Check out Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works, Vol 2" for music directly influenced by many sessions of controled lucid deaming. In the meantime, excellent post and art work!

At 3:44 am, Blogger mystic rose said...

interesting. really. i will follow the links to see where they lead me. btw, i cant see the pic for some reason, it doesnt load.

At 9:45 pm, Blogger Sara Mello said...

Muito obrigada pela mensagem de aniversário. As artes do seu blog estão cada vez mais lindas.

At 11:51 pm, Blogger Mauricio said...


Many faces, cool.

Have a good weekend my friend

At 12:13 pm, Blogger alex said...


Dreams..are somthing which i have been trying to understand..but the experience is wonderful..but to be in control in ones dream is beautiful. i do not know if everyone can do that.

But of late, i am not able to control my actions in my dreams because i do not know it is a dream. But, i have travelled far and wild. Flew, died, rose rom death. Things which are humanly impossible. :)

At 1:46 pm, Blogger *ItkUpiLLi* said...


So wonderful post. And pic is incredible, beautiful and so deed with it's meaning. I'm so honored for the link...You give me faith to my dream. We will cure this whole world with love all together.

At 3:56 pm, Blogger Calm Ocean said...

nice mr. Dreamer! hmm.. dont go by what i say, i blabber sometimes. do what you feel like and that would be art for you.

At 10:10 pm, Blogger Ana Banana said...

Cosmic... your painting, "Lake of Dreams" is beautiful and mesmerizes me. I love the surreal quality and how everything is identifiably separate, but also united, blended to form one. I also like the little boat and man in the corner of the image. It is quite beautiful imagery and concept.

Thank you for the dedication. That is really sweet. Also, I have always been interested in dreams and dreaming. I've read some of Jung's work and feel a close affinity with his philosophy.

I hope I can write this here without soundind a bit nuts, but my experience while awake feels a little like a dream experience and similar to your painting, "lake of dreams." It is more a feeling than an event, though. I can describe it as an abstract, surreal feeling. It is like being a particular brushstroke and color in a painting...the color blending in and out in relationship to the other colors and brushstrokes, to create a unified image.

Thank you for linking me, too, Cosmic. You also are linked on my blog. I will return again. Thank you.

At 9:21 pm, Blogger Juampa said...

Gracias por tu arte y por hacerme participar de nuevo en ese mundo onírico tan surreal y tal maravilloso que has creado.

At 12:07 pm, Blogger exoskeleton said...

I like my dreams better is all I can say. Reality is too much subject to all kinds of stupid constraints. ego, body, society.....etc.

navigating the lake of dreams.....certainly easier than navigating the rapids of reality.

some vivaldi violin tracks are like being in a dream I felt. :)

At 8:28 pm, Blogger get zapped said...

Wow! First, I want to say how much I adore your art piece. It's very expressive. And so much about dreams! I dream a lot and believe they have have much to tell us about ourselves. Thanks!

At 7:30 am, Blogger Alina Chau said...

Love the surreal and mysterious quality!

At 7:38 am, Blogger EDDE WAGNER said...

Very, very beautiful artwork, my friend from India! One of the best you did, I think.
Keep drawing like this!...

At 12:08 am, Blogger d-cima said...

Hi jibesh

amigo,pintas con el alma....

quisiera conocer que cuentan tus sueños...

un abrazo



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